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For 130 years Fayette Street Christian Church has celebrated not only our history, but a promising and hopeful future that we are now and hereafter continuing to create for generations to come.  We praise God for the saints before us who provided a firm foundation of faith shown through their work and witness of God’s love, and for those who continue to work for the Kingdom of God on Earth.

In the year of 1889, Elder Reid Spencer held together a small band of disciples who would later become known as members of Fayette Street Christian Church – Disciples of Christ.  They remained under this leadership until 1904 when young James H. Thomas took the pastorate until 1907.  He became involved with Martinsville Christian Institute, later named Piedmont Christian Institute, supported by the Christian Church.

Rev. Patrick Henry Moss was called to minister the congregation in 1907, remaining until 1915.  In 1915, Rev. James H. Thomas again assumed the pastorate, serving until his death in 1940.  As the church grew, Elder J. L. Law,  added pastoral leadership from 1940-1952.  Several women were instrumental in developing the music department in the early church. 

Rev. Curl C. Griffin was called in 1952 to serve; he commuted each week Thomasville, North Carolina until he resigned in 1962.  Rev. William H. “Bill” Brown, filled the pulpit from 1962 to 1964.

In July 1964, the church called Rev. Joseph L. Galloway, who served faithfully for twenty-five years.  He stressed the importance of Christian commitment, prayer, and Bible Study.  Under his leadership and dedication, plans for a new church building were completed.  On Sunday, June 10, 1973, a Ground-Breaking Service was held.  A year later, on Sunday, June 9, 1974, the congregation moved from the old building to the new edifice with praise and thanksgiving.  Open House and a dedication service were held with much joy.  The mortgage burning took place during Rev. Galloway’s pastorate.  He retired on June 30, 1989.

The church called Rev. William J. Barber II to serve as pastor in November of 1989.  He implemented many new programs for individual spiritual growth and church expansion.  The church celebrated its centennial anniversary during his tenure.  Rev. Barber resigned in August 1992.  Rev. J. L. Galloway graciously returned to serve from 1992-1993 until Rev. Spencer M. Roberts served as pastor in July of 1993 until his resignation in 2000.

The church called Rev. Alfred Booker to serve as interim pastor in 2001, and in 2003, he accepted the position as pastor.  He served with honor and dignity and emphasized unity and service.  Rev. Booker led the church in observing Family and Friends Day and Elders & Deacons Anniversary; he also introduced Deacon/Family Ministry and trained the deacons for service.  After serving the church for 16 years with honor, Rev. Alfred Booker, Sr. retired on September 30, 2017.

In 2015, the church realized the need within our church and the community.  The congregation embarked upon the Hope Partnership’s New Beginnings Assessment service to help our congregation assess the church’s strengths and opportunities as we seek to answer the question “What is God calling our congregation to do and be in this time and in this place?” In 2016, the church began training in this “new” process. 

Rev. Eugene Reynolds committed himself to serve the congregation for six months; he did so faithfully until March 2018 when Rev. Calvin D. Curry was called to be the 11th pastor of Fayette Street Christian Church.  He accepted and was installed on June 10, 2018.

Since June 2018, under the leadership of Pastor Curry, the congregation and New Beginnings core group have developed new mission and vision statements for the church.  Four related areas covering these statements are: Education, Evangelism, Health, and Social Action.  Members are to be a part of these focus groups based on interest and passion.  On April 14, 2019, the church joyfully celebrated the 1st Anniversary of Pastor and Sister Calvin D. Curry.

During these 130 years of soul winning and preaching the Word, the ministers who have served this branch of Zion have had the prayers, assistance, and support of many God-fearing and dedicated co-pastors, elders, deacons, and members.  Each served in his own personal way and brought to the church his own unique style of leadership.  The Word is still being delivered boldly, several renovations were made to improve the comfort and appearance of the building, and new activities were initiated to enhance the involvement of the members.

God has blessed Fayette Street Christian Church, and on this 130th anniversary year, we march fearlessly into the future, ever hopeful, knowing that God is forever leading the way.

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To show God’s love by serving the needs of the congregation and community.


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